Who We Serve

Professional Adoption & Foster Care Counseling

Foster Children, Teens and Their Families
Foster care can be challenging for children who enter an unfamiliar family, usually under traumatic circumstances. It can be equally challenging for foster parents who seek to provide a stable, loving environment. We help ease this transition for everyone involved by providing support and helping encourage communication and connection.

Adopted Children, Teens and Their Families
Adoption can not only heighten existing life challenges but also add new ones to a family’s life. Our therapists work with children, teens and parents, both one-on-one and together, to provide the support to navigate them.

Adult Adoptees and Their Families
Adoption-related challenges often appear at significant life transitions like adolescence, marriage, pregnancy or parenthood. They also arise when adopted individuals consider searching and reuniting with their birth parents. Our therapists provide support and counsel adult adoptees through these times.

Kinship & Step-parent Adoptions
Kinship families (children who are raised by a family relative) and step-parents who adopt children from previous marriages face similar challenges as other adoptive families. We help all members work through these challenges.

Birth Parents
If your child has been adopted, you may have been profoundly affected by that experience.  We are here to help you and your family manage the deep emotions that often arise from making such a courageous decision.

Expectant Parents
If you are considering adoption options for your unborn child, you don’t have to do it alone. We will help you explore whether or not making an adoption plan is the best choice for you and your unborn child.

Infertile Couples
If you are struggling to become pregnant and are just beginning the search for options to achieve pregnancy or are considering creating your family through adoption, we will help you identify and resolve initial questions and conflicts.