Client Testimonials

Professional Adoption & Foster Care Counseling

Prior to Connect, we had failed attempts with two different counselors. Without professional and expert guidance, we felt desperate and had little hope. It was through the wise and patient counsel of our therapist at Connect that we were able to move through the chaos of despair into hope and healing. These people truly understand and truly cared.
We are so blessed to have you in our lives. God has really helped us through your hands. – Anonymous


Bonni and the team at Connect have been a huge blessing to our family. The parenting skills we learned have been a game changer for us. We went from surviving to thriving thanks to DPA!! Our family is closer, more connected, and laughs a whole lot more these days!! We are forever grateful! – Chassidy, Adoptive Mom


Receiving therapy at Connect Counseling Center has helped us transform fragile new beginnings with our adopted older children into strong, loving bonds based on trust, communication, and understanding. – Bryan, Adoptive Dad


Connect has been a life line for us. We began working with Bonni before we even finalized our older child adoption and continue to now, as needed. Connect has walked hand in hand with us through every curve of this journey, and I can’t imagine not having their support, encouragement, and guidance. Having adoption specialists and TBRI certified therapists has helped our family connect on a level that would never have been possible if left to our own ideas and efforts. Most recently, they also assisted in connecting our daughter with her birth mother in Ecuador. God has used this incredible agency to bring healing and hope to everyone in our family, and we are forever thankful for their services. – Rachelle, Adoptive Mom