Professional Adoption & Foster Care Counseling

Whether you are a mental health professional, a teacher, foster or adoptive parent, house parent or caseworker, these trainings will benefit you!

How Trauma Affects the Brain – 1.5 hours

This training will increase your understanding of how traumatic experiences that occur in childhood impact the developing brain. Participants will gain knowledge of how trauma triggers fear-related emotional, behavioral, cognitive and physiological patterns in a child.

Trust-Based Relationship Intervention® (TBRI) Overview – 3.5 hours

This training provides a comprehensive overview of the TBRI® therapeutic model. Children and youth who have experienced foster care, been in an orphanage or group home or endured multiple placements often experienced complex developmental trauma, leading to many psychological and behavioral issues. This model has been used effectively with children and youth of all ages and all risk levels and trains caregivers to provide effective support and treatment for at-risk children.

Discipline – 1.5 hours

This training provides tools for disciplining children who have experienced trauma. Learning how to respond to big emotions, avoid power struggles, give choices and facilitate time-ins are some of the strategies covered.

Foster and Adoption Competency – 1.5 hours

This training provides an overview of the clinical competencies necessary to provide ethical, clinical treatment of people whose lives have been touched by foster care or adoption. 


Bonni presented a very comprehensive and informative introduction of TBRI to our clinical staff, social work staff, foster parents and community partners. The training was not only informative but also very inspiring!  The information was presented in a way that truly motivated our staff to want to help children and families get better.  


Our foster parents have already utilized some of the information they learned at training and in their daily interactions with the children placed in their home. We are eager to learn more and are planning future training sessions with her.


Diana K. Shores, MHR, LMFT, LADC

Executive Director 

Homebased Services and Resources


We were lucky to have Bonni share Theraplay knowledge with our Foster and Support group. It’s was incredible and so very helpful! Not only did she give us a handful of practical and fun activities to play right away at home- but she did a wonderful job explaining the benefits of Theraplay and why it is so beneficial in connecting with our kiddos from hard places. We look forward to having her back in the future to show us more tips and tricks to help us be the best parents we can be for our kids.
– Chassidy, Journey Church