Professional Adoption & Foster Care Counseling

Changes, growth, transition, loss…..

Every person faces them, whether you are a new to parenting a child not born to you or a family struggling with raising a child of another cultural background or race.  Many parents want some extra tools to help them help their child, with better discipline, routines or boundaries.

Whatever your situation, Connect’s coaching program may be able to help.

Coaching is confidential, and your sessions will never be shared with anyone without your written permission. Sessions can be done online or over the phone, with the participant and coach meeting weekly or episodically for a varying number of sessions depending on the situation. Coaching is open to any person touched by foster care or adoption.

What’s the difference between Coaching and Counseling?

  • Coaching is about achievement; therapy is about healing.
  • Coaching is about action; therapy is about understanding thoughts and behaviors.
  • Coaching is about functioning; therapy is about transformation.
  • Coaching is about awareness; therapy is about feelings.

Connect offers free 15-minute phone assessments to determine whether you’d be best served through coaching or counseling.  To set up a free assessment, please fill out the form below:

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