Hope Groups

Professional Adoption & Foster Care Counseling

Hope Groups was born out of two very different pilot programs with foster and adoptive families.

Taking the statistical data from each program along with input from the participants, we identified that one of the greatest benefits for families is having the opportunity to walk some of their journey with others who are on a similar path. Connecting with others experiencing the joys and trials of raising a child not born to them is one of the most powerful sources of healing and support available.

Connect’s Hope Groups provide the opportunity to join with four other families in starting and ending a therapeutic plan at the same time. Connect therapists work with participants to develop a family-specific treatment plan geared toward meeting each family’s unique needs while also offering the option to participate in a group session with the other parents once a month. Groups provide a safe space to share thoughts, trials and questions with each other while under the guidance and support of a licensed, adoption/foster-competent Connect therapist.

Families participating in Hope groups report an increase in attachment with their child, a decrease in relational frustration, new parenting tools and a renewed sense of confidence. Parents also experienced a decrease in problematic behaviors and growth in compassion and understanding of their child and their unique history.

Because of generous donors, participation in Hope Groups is only $100 for foster or adoptive families. Let us know by August 11 if you would like to be a part of our next Hope Group.

Our next Hope Group is slated to begin Monday, February 5, 2018. To be included in this group, please contact us by January 29, 2018. 

Client Testimonials

Participants were asked what they found most helpful about Hope Groups. Here is what they said:

It helped me to do different techniques for coping

All of the help understanding my child’s trauma.

Group – relating to others.

The counselor/setting changed the dynamics – something worked.

Learning new ways to connect with everyone.